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Paper Tiger on the Road to Trinumeral

Dear Diary,

This summer has kicked our butts in many different ways, and we feel giddy with the coming of fall, the crisp weather, the shedding of old skin, etc.  We are settling into our new name and are so pleased with the way you all have responded to Paper Tiger so far – Thank you 😉

Our new facebook page is up and running with pictures, music and video soon to come – check it out, become a fan!  We head to Horseshoe NC for the Trinumeral Festival – we play the Pond Stage at 5:00 pm on Saturday 9/12, we are looking forward to the adventure of the fest and to some mad boogie party with Pretty Lights (our new electronic crush).

We will be picking back up with the blog, wrapping up the album (few other vocal tracks, mastering and graphics) and hope to have a delightful collection of tunes ready for your ears soon. We will be posting the video shortly as well, we can’t wait for you to see it!

Hope all is well, hope to see you soon 😉

Until then, as always, take good care and take some time to hear the music!

Much Love,

Paper Tiger
(RubySlippers & MINGLE)

Trinumeral 9/9/09