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Tonight in Asheville

Tonight is a big night for electronic music in Asheville. In fact, this weekend is a big weekend for electronic music!

Live and direct from San Francisco CA, Bassnectar will be taking the stage tonight at the Orange Peel in front of a capacity crowd – not the first time he has sold out the Orange Peel. Bassnectar has made quite a name for himself in the Asheville area, and so much so that his Orange Peel show now warrants an official afterparty! The site of that afterparty will be at Club 828 …

Bonobo (aka Simon Green) will make his debut performance in the Asheville area when he spins a late-night DJ set at Club 828, after the conclusion of the Bassnectar show. Quite an accomplished musician and DJ in his own right, the UK-based Bonobo’s 2006 release, Days to Come, was awarded album of the year honors on Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide (BBC). Simon Green has now released the first single from his yet to be titled, forthcoming album – the new single “The Keeper” featuring Andreya Triana (video: Having been recording in Barcelona, San Francisco, and Hackney, Bonobo will now crisscross The United States rocking DJ sets in advance of his new release (on Ninja Tunes) – Friday night’s stop being in Asheville.

Also featured at the “Official Bassnectar Afterparty”:

* Chicago-based DJ trio Orchard Lounge who has several times visited the Asheville area – most recently while spinning a late night set at the 09-09-09 Trinumeral festival. While we have worked with them previously, this crew’s popularity is growing exponentially!

* Asheville’s down-tempo, trip-hop duo Paper Tiger, who was also featured at the Trinumeral festival. Paper Tiger is about to release their debut album – the feature single, “Me Have Fun,” now has a video available for your viewing (video:
Tonight joined by nebCinema on live visuals!

* DJ Mingle, who is truly one of our favorite DJs in Asheville area and who stylistically pairs with Bonobo as good as any. Mingle is quite the unassuming master of his trade, with three full-length albums already released!

* VJ Megan McKissack who will handle visuals throughout most of the evening and is becoming a regular at our events.

As always, we request that all those coming to Club 828 conduct themselves in a socially acceptable manner, treating the club patrons and employees with the utmost respect – the same way they will treat you.

The event schedule is as follows: (subject to change)

1000-1130 Mingle
1130-1200 Paper Tiger
1200-0200 Orchard Lounge
0200-0400 Bonobo (DJ set)

At present, tickets remain at Honeypot and Parlour AKA Hunk Clothing (downtown), and at Harvest Records (west-side). Tickets are now $15. The after-party tickets will be for sale at the Bassnectar merchandise booth inside of the Orange Peel, and at the door of Club 828 after 10pm. If your ticket is purchased at the Bassnectar show, you will receive a $1 discount. WE RECOMMEND PURCHASING YOUR TICKETS AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE TO ENSURE YOU’RE NOT LOCKED OUT OF THE PARTY!

* Please note alcohol sales will end at 2am.


Me Have Fun video featured in PolliNATE blog!

Paper Tiger video for Me Have Fun featured in PolliNATE

Musician Building Partnerships with Sweet Results

Two DJs, two stages, one night

via Two DJs, two stages, one night.

Two DJs, two stages, one night

Tomorrow night, two huge DJs, two stages, two different clubs … but fans will likely be able to catch some of both, if they want. San Francisco-based Bassnectar plays the Orange Peel, and the official after-party is at Club 828 with UK-based Bonobo.

Bonobo won’t start up until 30 minutes after Bassnectar finishes, giving the crowd time to run through downtown to the second show, says the show’s promoter. The music at Club 828 will go until 4 a.m. (though, as per law, alcohol sales will still stop at 2 a.m.) If you’re hoping to go to either or both shows, get tickets today and save a few bucks: Bassnectar is $18 advance ($20 at the door), Bonobo is $12 today (buy at Honeypot and Parlour—formerly Hunk—clothing stores downtown, Harvest Record on the West side, or online) or $15 day of show. There’s a buck off if you go to Bassnectar then Bonobo.

More on Bassnectar, from the Orange Peel’s Web site: The outfit is a “free-form project that merges music, art, new media, social involvement and community values; dedicated to a constantly evolving ethos of collaborative creation, self reinvention, and boundary-pushing experimentation. Or, to put it more succinctly, Bassnectar is a breakbeat-oriented electronic dance music act with a fine line in public relations and a sponsorship deal with Red Bull.”

As for Bonobo, here’s more from his bio: “He set about building his DJ style … refusing to conform to the preconceived ideas of a laid-back style, and aiming headlong for the dance floor, with a heavy mixture of hip hop, weighty jazz, broken beats, Latin, funk, and soul, with the occasional cheeky bit of psyche rock and drum-and-bass thrown in. Just to keep you on yer toes, right? Now a DJ of international repute, Bonobo has played all over the world, including playing to huge audiences in the USA and Canada with Amon Tobin, a progress culminating in Ninja Tune asking him to put together a Solid Steel mix album. Bugger the lounge, lets dance.”

The Club 828 show also features Patch from Heavyweight Dub Champion (opening for Bassnectar), Orchard Lounge, and locals Paper Tiger, Mingle and VJ Megan McKissack.

Watch Bassnectar videos here.


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ch-ch-changes – Paper Tiger etc.

Greetings and happy fall!….

As I said before, this year has brought about many big changes for many folks, so why would the season of shedding be any different? As many of you know, for the last year & a half or so, I’ve been working with Music Allies here in Asheville doing marketing for independent labels and festivals, and though it’s kept me really busy, have absolutely loved it. I’ve gotten to travel, work on an awesome team, see a ton of amazing shows and meet some genuinely awesome people who truly love music. The stress that has been on the economy has been wearing thin for quite some time, and we have seen the trickle effect slowly take it’s toll. So at the start of October, I join the 9.8% of the country that is unemployed. These are tough times, and there is no drama or angst, only tough times. The team at Music Allies is passionate, driven and creative, and I hope to pick back up with them at some point, but no matter what, will never loose touch. They are very close in my heart, and are dedicated music fans…..

So what does this all mean, and why, dear diary, am I spilling my guts? Well, with a lapse in my employment, this is a rare and perfect opportunity for me to stop and re-connect, to catch up with myself and really focus on music. You have given me so many gifts over the years, as my friends, family, fans and piers, so I am honing my energies to give back. All year I have been telling you that MINGLE and I have been working hard on the album, making a video, playing rare shows, and getting ready. And now I can show you. Paper Tiger has officially hatched. The video for Me Have Fun (done with the North Carolina School of the Arts) is up. And we have created a mockup of the album (Me Have Fun) and I am driving around listening to mixes! This is one of the most satisfying projects I have ever worked on, and I am so excited to finish it and spread the music! Check out the new pages, watch the video, become a fan on facebook!….

We are thrilled to be playing with Bonobo this Friday, October 16th at Club 828, joined by live visuals by nebCinema. Bonobo has been huge on the Chillout scene, creating music for your mood – dark, sultry, downtempo and jazz based (on Ninja Tune) and also struck out to make you dance. This will be a DJ set, but he also tours with a live band.  From his bio:  “On the surface there are the organic, pastoral atmospheres, the catchy melodies…But it’s the deeper, slightly hidden levels that you should investigate.”….

For more info, check out the event: ….

So sometimes space is created for opportunity instead of just emptiness……I intend to fill mine with music. I hope you will join me ;)….

I hope all is well with you, that the colors in the leaves are reminding you of the beauty in the world. I hope to see you soon. Till then, as always, take good care, and take some time to hear the music…..



Bonobo with Paper Tiger

Mooged Out Asheville – the CD

volume 1 Mooged Out Asheville – featuring a Mooged out version of Me Have Fun in an earlier state. Very juicy 😉

Mooged Out Asheville

Echo Mountain Studios with the Moog Foundation

Molly overdubs vocal track for Moog Foundation song

Paper Tiger enterprises day #4 – tracking vocals for Bob Moog Foundation at Echo Mountain Studio – 10/8/09

Echo Mountain Studios – Moog Foundation Recording

Dave Hamilton applying Moogerfoogers to female voice TAKE 2

Paper Tiger enterprises day #4 – 10/8/09 – Dave Hamilton Moogs out Molly’s vocals for the Bob Moog Foundation at Echo Mountain Studio.