Two DJs, two stages, one night

via Two DJs, two stages, one night.

Two DJs, two stages, one night

Tomorrow night, two huge DJs, two stages, two different clubs … but fans will likely be able to catch some of both, if they want. San Francisco-based Bassnectar plays the Orange Peel, and the official after-party is at Club 828 with UK-based Bonobo.

Bonobo won’t start up until 30 minutes after Bassnectar finishes, giving the crowd time to run through downtown to the second show, says the show’s promoter. The music at Club 828 will go until 4 a.m. (though, as per law, alcohol sales will still stop at 2 a.m.) If you’re hoping to go to either or both shows, get tickets today and save a few bucks: Bassnectar is $18 advance ($20 at the door), Bonobo is $12 today (buy at Honeypot and Parlour—formerly Hunk—clothing stores downtown, Harvest Record on the West side, or online) or $15 day of show. There’s a buck off if you go to Bassnectar then Bonobo.

More on Bassnectar, from the Orange Peel’s Web site: The outfit is a “free-form project that merges music, art, new media, social involvement and community values; dedicated to a constantly evolving ethos of collaborative creation, self reinvention, and boundary-pushing experimentation. Or, to put it more succinctly, Bassnectar is a breakbeat-oriented electronic dance music act with a fine line in public relations and a sponsorship deal with Red Bull.”

As for Bonobo, here’s more from his bio: “He set about building his DJ style … refusing to conform to the preconceived ideas of a laid-back style, and aiming headlong for the dance floor, with a heavy mixture of hip hop, weighty jazz, broken beats, Latin, funk, and soul, with the occasional cheeky bit of psyche rock and drum-and-bass thrown in. Just to keep you on yer toes, right? Now a DJ of international repute, Bonobo has played all over the world, including playing to huge audiences in the USA and Canada with Amon Tobin, a progress culminating in Ninja Tune asking him to put together a Solid Steel mix album. Bugger the lounge, lets dance.”

The Club 828 show also features Patch from Heavyweight Dub Champion (opening for Bassnectar), Orchard Lounge, and locals Paper Tiger, Mingle and VJ Megan McKissack.

Watch Bassnectar videos here.


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