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Paper Tiger presents new jazzy, electronic vibe

December 11, 2009

Paper Tiger presents new jazzy, electronic vibe

By Lindsay Nash
take5 Correspondent

Paper Tiger’s music is jazzy, swanky, electronic and sophisticated, a rare blend that makes for the perfect soundtrack to a drive or night on the town.

On Friday, that eclectic sound will be featured at the Hookah Bar in Asheville for an evening of music and live visuals.

The electronic trip-hop duo formerly known as RubySlippers with MINGLE have come together to create a new sound and new band. They expect to release their new album, “Me Have Fun,” in February.

“We started collaborating eight or nine years ago,” said Molly Kummerle. “We did a cover on a Radiohead song and started writing together. And it finally occurred to us that we should pay more attention to this and make it our full-time deal.”

The duo is made of Kummerle and Isaac Gottfried, a DJ and producer of MINGLE, of Asheville.

For the fans of RubySlipper, Kummerle describes the new sound as “a less bit less rock ‘n’ roll.”

“I feel like it’s still very simple and has a jazzy flavor, but it’s fuller,” she said. “It’s not flashy. It’s kind of got this lazy sophistication to it that I really love but it’s also still really playful and fun.”

The new name, Kummerle explained, explains a lot about what their music is about.

“The songs are about life, the strangeness of it, the toughness of it, but also the delicacy and tenderness of it,” she said.

Gottfried, the other half of the duo, explains the new sound as a lot of different genres rolled into one.

“It’s hip-hop beats with sort of a jazzy, funky, loungy, sountracky feel behind it,” he said. “And there are little bits of worldliness. You’ll hear little Asian and Indian touches.”

Paper Tiger was featured in POPAsheville 2008 as well as the Lexington Avenue Arts and Fun Festival and showcased at the MOOG Foundation CD release party at The Orange Peel. The duo’s song “Folded Laundry” is featured on Lunch Video Magazine.

Friend and fellow musician Stepanie Morgan, of stephanies?d, said the new music is most congruent to what’s inside Kummerle.  “She has had more creative control on this one than ever before,” Morgan said. “It’s the most

Additional Facts


What: Paper Tiger and The Melanaster Band at the Hookah Bar.

When: Doors open at 9 p.m.; show starts at 10 p.m. Friday.

Where: The Hookah Bar, 38 N. French Broad Ave.

How much: $8 cover.

Information: 252-1522.

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Paper Tiger with The Melanaster Band – 12/11 Smart Bets

Hello All,

Amid snow(?), wind storms, rain and power outages, we’ve been preparing for our last show of 2009.  This has certainly been an exciting year, to say the very least, and we are thrilled to be ending it on this note of celebration.  We are on the final mixes of the album and looking into mastering options as well as pouring over graphic design ideas.  Our brains are on overload, but we’re thrilled about where we are and what we’re creating!

This Friday, December 12 @ the Hookah Bar, Paper Tiger and The Melanaster Band (live stage project of Marley Carroll) – doors open at 9:00 pm with an economically friendly $8 cover.  We will be joined on live visuals by Ben Mason of neb.Cinema, with a few tricks up his sleeve, since recently being heavily involved with the Design & Technology lounge at HATCHfest-Asheville and TEDxAsheville. We are also thrilled to have the very talented Dave Mathes of improv electronic band Sonmi Suite playing live drums.

Check out our spot in this week’s Mountain XPress

See below for some info about the Melanaster Band as well, we are honored and thrilled to be sharing the stage with them!

It’s been a long year, we hope you’re all hanging in there.  We’re ready to get our groove on and kiss this little year farewell, we hope you’ll join us.

Till then, as always, take good care, and take some time to hear the music.


Molly & Isaac

Marley Carroll’s 2007 debut album Melanaster, is the result of meticulous bedroom alchemy by a prodigious multi-intrumentalist. It sounds like a lost Radiohead LP submerged in ten feet of salt water. Described by NPR as “Gorgeously subdued glitch pop”, Melanaster is a collection of melancholy pop songs tethered to abstract electronic rhythms, ie – early-Nineties shoegaze rock meets rhythmic IDM experimentalism. Carroll assembled The Melanaster Band to take these songs to the stage. The group came together serendipitously in Asheville, NC – five accomplished musicians with backgrounds that couldn’t be more different. Billy Cardine, Barrett Smith, Ryan Lassiter and Jake Wolf are versed well versed in genres crossing from bluegrass to jazz. At the helm is Carroll, an award-winning scratch DJ, electronic musician and multi-instrumentalist. These disparate influences merge to create a beautifully layered sound that evokes My Morning Jacket, Radiohead and Death Cab for Cutie, with an earthy touch of Americana. The live presence of The Melanaster Band is a gift to music fans everywhere.

Paper Tiger with the Melanaster Band