Paper Tiger & Dancer Delight – Boogie down for Steph’s B’day Party!

Paper Tiger & Dancer Delight - design Stephanie Morgan

Paper Tiger & Dancer Delight - design Stephanie Morgan

Happy Spring? Ha! I know that we all wish for just one day without having to bundle, so hopefully it’s coming. But we’re celebrating anyway – PISCES!! Celebrating one of our favorite Pisces pals Stephanie Morgan’s birthday …… will include a rare & special dance set from DJ Dancer Delight. Last seen at the Paper Tiger / Archrivals show in January, she is making serious dance waves – and rumor has it she’s hot with the Archrival……just saying. Not to be missed!!

Doors: 9pm – pocket-friendly $5

10pm – dj Jon Alterman

11pm – Paper Tiger

12am – Dancer Delight

Dancer Delight:

Dancer Delight is here for you. When she DJ’s, she spins only the most dance-tastic tunes on her state-of-the-art Apple computer. She will make all of your dancing dreams come true. She wants only for you to remember to breathe. Dancer is the sister of Chuck Lichtenberger (jazz musician extraordinaire, keyboardist/co-mastermind of Stephaniesid, and manager of esteemed “rock out with your jock out” pop band The Archrivals). Dancer also shakes a tambourine and sings backup for The Archrivals, providing spiritual guidance for the band.

Paper Tiger:

In the beginning, there was a jazz singer who met a DJ/producer. They shared a mutual love of Radiohead and collaborated on their own cover version of “Fake Plastic Trees”. Although both MINGLE (one half of a duo) and RubySlippers (one third of a trio) were working with other projects, they felt a spark in their new creation and began to write and record their own material. Downtempo electronic trip hop, the live show includes live visuals by neb.Cinema, drummer Dave Mathes of Sonmi Suite and Chuck Lichtenberger of Stephanie’s id and CLC on melodica …. quick like ninjas & yet with excellent manners. Because we’re itching for Spring. We hope that you’re well, we hope that you will come out & boogie …… until then, take good care and take some time to hear the music!


Molly / RubySlippers / Paper Tiger


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