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Paper Tiger Album Art Design Contest

Paper Tiger

Paper Tiger

We are thrilled to announce our album art design contest on Creative Allies, live today!  We have been wracking out brains to try to figure out what the album should look like and we’ve decided to hand it over to you – our fans, our friends, our creative professionals.  We are excited to invite you to check out the project of cover art, as well as the awesome company of Creative Allies – we invite you to lend your vision to our music.  Making this record has been a process like no other – a journey that has taught us a lot about music and life.  We have new mastered tracks up for you to listen to, a brand new logo by the talented Jenny Greer of Sound Mind Media.

Check it out, let us know what you think, we love to hear from you.

Upload your ideas:   HERE

Listen to new songs:  HERE

New shows in the works, planning the album release, wrapping things up so that we can bring it home to you.

We hope to see you soon, until then, take good care …… and as always, take some time to hear the music.


Molly & Isaac