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…With a Step to the Left and a Flick to the Right

A Poem by Dancer Delight – just before taking the stage

Dancing children, dancing lights
May you dance your dance tonight
May our intermingled souls
Sigh like young and tender foals

Moving on the floor, now, babes
You’re birds of paradise
Cherry ice cream smiles
I suppose it’s very nice

When the hour this eve grows wee
And Paper Tiger has set us free
We’ll rock the house with Dancer Delight
With a step to the left and a flick to the right

(c) 2010 Xanadu Publishing
(Some words plagiarized.)

TONITE at Emerald Lounge in Asheville!!

DJ Jon Alderman 10:30pm

Dancer Delight

Dancer Delight 3/6/10

Paper Tiger 11pm
Dancer Delight 12am
A measly 5 bucks.

(Say happy birthday to Stephanie Morgan and all Asheville Pisces!)